Jan 11 2015

When Your Boss Wants Doctor Notes

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reserve a template from your doctor

Get back to work, present you doctor’snotes

Nowadays fake doctor notes are becoming exceedingly popular. This can be attributed to the rising costs of health care witnessed as well as hard economic times. Despite the risks involved, it is still what most people consider using. There are some elements of this note that must be considered very keenly.

Important Elements of the Note One Should Consider

First is the doctor’s contact information which should include their phone number, address and just how they can be reached. The date and time that one claims they paid a visit and saw the doctor should be clearly indicated too. It is more than one day ensure that there is a date for all those days that you have been excused. This consideration at times is left out by many people. The name of the person you saw should clearly be indicated on the fake doctor note. As for you, all you have to do is leave your name and do not go into specifics about your illness. According to the law the note should be brief thus if you overstate it, it can look suspicious. Any other accompanying limitation you might experience such as pain, flu or whichever stretch must be indicated accordingly in the note.

How to Get Hold of This Note?

One can easily download a doctor’s note over the internet. It mostly comes as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. This file, when opened will be capable of being edited. Certain fields in it can be typed into simply by a keyboard. Then you will have to print out the doctor note onto a paper of the required size of what the doctor’s note should be. The doctors note will can at times appear to have been pre-signed while others will appear blank. It does not mean that the note you have has to be of a specific type.


There are a lot of doctor notes out there of different layouts. All you have to do is to exercise your discretion in the most realistic looking note. The purpose of the doctor note is to provide one with justification on their absenteeism from school or work. This note should not be confused in any way from a prescription. The latter is presented to a pharmacy so as to purchase medicine while the former will have to be given to the superior.

Getting a preview of a doctor’s note in a website is not easy as the people who make them and set them out on commercial purposes would want to protect their designs. If clear images were to be previewed of their products, competitors will easily be able to copy them out. Even potential customers who are well versed in creating such templates will create it for themselves. At the same time the doctor notes should not be accessible to the public eye in a way that the managers get access to it compromising their entire purpose.If at any case you decide to use the real doctor note ensure that your principle focus is to make it look as real as it can possibly get.

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Jul 02 2014

How Serious Is Sick Leave Abuse?

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There are many ways of ensuring that your employees do not abuse their sick leave. These are such as if they do not report to the workplace on a Monday or Friday either before or after a public holiday ensure that they are compelled to produce a doctor’s note. Ensure that all the employees are duly made aware of this new condition. If the policy is flouted then discipline must be issued accordingly for the breach. So the sick leave abuse will be categories as unpaid leave if no doctor’s note is produced. Another way of curbing his condition will be to monitor the alleged sick leave abuse very carefully. Insist on the producing of sick doctor notes, overtime leave of sickness is taken. If it’s the case of a supervisor they can save themselves a great deal of trouble, especially when the management gets worried about the absence of one of your subordinates and demand an explanation. Always keep documentation regarding the dates they were absent on the claims of sickness. If it persists, you can monitor it closely to check for trends that seem repetitive and well-orchestrated.

Ways of Discouraging Abuse of Sick Leave

Nowadays the use of the fake doctor notes has become very popular. With their availability just a click away online many people in college as well as in the workplace exploit this avenues so as to skip a day or two from their strenuous schedules. Determining the illegitimacy of some of these notes is almost close to impossible. The only way to discourage the use of this notes is to create the understanding that on presentation of these notes follow up will be done to ascertain the legitimacy of a claim of sickness. The best place to check is the part of the signature.


In the case that an employee turns up for work after skipping the previous day and does not produce a doctor note, you should consider this to be a disciplinary case and not their incapacity. In the case that you find out that the doctor note is fake or has been altered, the matter should be considered as a gross misconduct and in the worst scenario the employee can be charged with dishonesty which is totally against the business ethical standards. Likewise, it can also be considered as a matter of fraud. However, for one to succeed on both of those charges they must show proof that the employee knew that certificate of medication was altered.

How Can Such Situations Be Prevented?

Shortly before the onset of winter one can administer flu injections to all employees. This will go a long way in checking absenteeism during the colder months of the year. Basic regular tests such as sugar levels and blood pressure should be examined. In this way the employees can get to know beforehand any condition that they might be susceptible to and take immediate preventive measures on the same. As for the employees who do not take the sick leave, offer incentives for them. This can be such as a bonus payment.

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Feb 14 2014

You Have To Be Strong to Be an Orthopaedic Surgeon

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This form of surgery involves a surgical correction so as to treat a defect in the bone. Usually this orthopaedic surgeon concerns himself with tissues that are mostly soft. This is due to most of the bones being covered with tissues that are soft such as muscles, tendons, ligaments or skin. Likewise, it can involve the repair of fractures which might have arisen due to a traumatic accident.

Orthpaedicsis a specialty in medicine focusing on diseases and injuries of ones musculoskeletal system. This system is very complex and will include ones joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons and nerves. This system is the one responsible for your working, moving and being active. Previously orthopedics were tasked with caring for children whose limbs and spine had deformities. Now the care they accord to their patients cover all ages from the recently born all the way for athletes who need arthroscopic surgery not forgetting old people suffering from arthritis. We all know that anyone can break a bone.

What Problems Do The Orthopaedic Surgeons Look Into?

The special problems experienced in the musculoskeletal system range from the diagnosis of the disorder one is experiencing to the medical treatment. They can also recommend exercise or other forms of treatment that will be beneficial to you. In a similar way physical therapy involving exercises will go a long way in assisting one in their movement, function and stress. As for its prevention, the plans of treatment prevent injury and slow the progression of the disease.

All aspects of the musculoskeletal system are familiar with these specialists. Many of them nowadays have taken specific specializations in particular areas, for instance the ankle and foot, hip, spine and the knee. They also choose to put their focus on certain fields like pediatrics, sports, trauma or medicine. There are also those who have taken the initiative to specialize in a number of areas.

What Education And Training Should They Have Undergone?

The specialist is a doctor who has gone via extensive training on the required diagnosis and treatment of one’s diseases and injuries. He has been able to complete up to 14 years of their formal education. Among this qualification are four years in college or university. Then another four in the school of medicine will follow. Five years in residency at a major medical center follows before finally one year that is optional but offers specialized education. After being able to establish a license practice the orthopedic surgeon will have to pass the written and oral examinations issued by the Board on the same. The year comes year goes this orthopedic spend an exceedingly great proportion of their time attending medical courses if not studying so as to be able to keep up to par with the current skills and knowledge out there. Many of the musculoskeletal conditions they eventually treat they do without having to administer a surgery. They will instead focus more on alternative therapies that might be helpful.

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Sep 18 2013

When Is A Bad Headache A Dangerous Headache?

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Health specialists attribute the occurrence of severe headaches to the unhealthy lifestyles that people live nowadays. It is usually composed of very poor diets daily demands that are stressful, and a lack of in regular schedule. Apart from these, other well-known triggers of migraines are such as bright lights, odors, loud noises not forgetting some certain perfumes, exposure to smoke, smoking, consumption of alcohol fluctuations in the menstrual cycle, pills of birth control fluctuating hormones during menopause and many other factors.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Serious Headache?

One will realize that they have lost part of their vision and generally not be feeling well. Also the person will claim to be seeing bright spots or zigzags in their frontal vision. The pounding of the headache can be unbearable or at times constrain itself to a certain side of the head. Bad headaches also known as migraines are dreadful and debilitating problems considered as being neurological. Despite them not portraying any forms of fatality they have an effect on the quality of one’s life. Mostly they occur on very rare occasions as a result of something having triggered them. Though there are some people who experience them severally while others claim on a daily basis. A chronic migraine patient can be confirmed to have a bad headache.


A lot of times these patients have passed via several clinics and even met the best neurologists to no avail. Some have even taken the MRI and brain scans all without finding the ultimate solution to their situation. In some instances the specialists will recommend unconventional treatments such as acupuncture. If all these avenues have been exhausted and no change is witnessed then this can be considered as a bad headache.

Focus on the Cause, Not On the Cure

Lots of people nowadays when they enter the doctor’s office they are quick to get the quick fix cure of their condition. Very little emphasis is shed in the cause of the malady. Despite the migraines being very common today due to the stressful economic times, they were also there long ago. The ultimate cure for this condition has continually proved to be elusive. The first treatment form narrows to medications that are issued over the counter. Other forms will include trying to distance oneself from potential triggers that may exist around them.

In the case that one feels the neck stiffening, a fever, weak legs or having a hard time taking it will be prudent to immediately contact a health care specialist. However, if these symptoms do not manifest one can take a pain reliever. They are such as acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen. Likewise, one should take the medicine given by their health care providers. Ensure that you take a rest in a room that is quiet and dark till the moment you feel that the ache has begun to rescind. Generally when you take medicine and still fail to recover ensure you seek medical advice.

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Sep 08 2013

Being a Good Boss Means Being Understood At Times

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In all organizations there are those people ensure the smooth running of everything. These are the leaders. Depending on the organization they may at times be referred to as managers, supervisors or commonly what people refer to as bosses. The responsibility of this papal leaders is to manage others so that eventually set the objectives and aims of the organization will be achieved. These people have to ensure that they do all this effectively. Management that is carried out efficiently deals on work being carried out expeditiously and properly.

Fundamentals of an Effective Manager

Being a good boss will go out of their way to ensure that all the deadlines and goals set by them to the production team are achieved. Those who are considered as the best bosses are excellent motivators, are able to learn from their previous mistakes and instantly earn respect of the entire team. All the managers strive to be great bosses achieve this it is imperative that they have an understanding of the workplace goals, know the employees in their team and are able to engage people more. Before even one reaches that juncture, they should be capable of having a sense of self-awareness.

Once in a while they should know their weaknesses and strengths. The same applies to exactly what triggers them, their style of communication and the way employees perceive them. To be able to claim success this sense of awareness is crucial. Exceptional bosses have a greater understanding of themselves, as well as their teams, not forgetting their ability to merge talent from a pool so as to work as a unit.


In management for you to be successful you need to understand all the factors that shape up attitudes and behaviors. There is a big difference between people and their organizations. Generally speaking, there were no absolute rules for me to follow. Neither is there any management success formula. Though there are some extra incentives that a leader can take upon themselves so as to become better in their management of people. The managers who know great and effective all the requirements in planning, organizing communicating, leadership and motivation.

How Well Do They Allocate Resources?

Irrespective of whether a company is small or large to be able to organize and allocate the resources will undeniably is a crucial foundation of the efficiency in management. In the process of organizing, a wide set of activities is considered as the functions of the management. Likewise, they can also be the activities requiring configuration and collecting resources so as to implement laid out strategies efficiently and effectively.

A good manager will know the importance of all the team members and try to know them all on an individual level. It will even be better if he knows their personalities, strengths as well as the tasks that keep them busy every day. An employee who is always engaged is the most productive. Communicating consistence forms one of the most important traits of a group that is considered successful.

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